About Murdoc


Little is known about Murdoc's past before he met MacGyver.

We do know that he had a sister named Ashton, who had no idea, that she had a brother, who was supporting her secretly.

He already had a reputation as a top-level world-class assassin who was pursued by the D.X.S. (Department of External Services).

Murdoc had the habit of making photographs from his killings, one for whoever had employed his services and the D.X.S. had been sent a free copy, too.


He specialises in disguises and is very imaginative about deadly setups. He seems well trained, and experienced in other stuff not directly connected to killing like climbing, driving all kinds of vehicles, repairing/using all kinds of electronic gadgets, motors etc.

Murdoc also uses a variety of weapons and knows how to handle them, wheter it be knife, a throwing device or a machine gun. He also has a way with explosives.

As for other talents, he also is a good actor and has a gift for music, means he can play the piano (and probably other instruments) and even write beautiful compositions.


Murdoc is the slim, but athletic type, probably about six feet tall.

He either dresses in elegant but comfortable clothing, outfits that fit the occasion or black leather. Not to mention she looks kind of cute in women's clothing, too, but I guess that falls under fit the occasion!


For an unknown amount of time he used to work for H.I.T. (Homicide International Trust), broke off with them once and tried unsuccesfully to re-join the organisation again later.

Desperate for another job he later worked for an insane wanna be dictator named Delasora who promised to make Murdoc a general in his new country's army, but later revealed that he only used Murdoc.


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